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About Me

From March 1997 to June 2006, when I retired, I was head of the Cardiology Division of the Bassini hospital.


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Try my programs

Visit the page and download the demo.

Left Ventricle Wall Motion


This program makes an objective reading of contrast ventriculograms starting from the end-diastolic and end-systolic silhouettes of the left ventricle. It calculates a contraction curve and processes a differential diagnosis, an analytical, verbal diagnosis, and a synthetic oral diagnosis, directly comparable with the reading of experienced angiographers.


This PC program is an attempt to bring the problem of randomness closer together. It's called "RANDOM 50", it can be downloaded free of charge.

Patient Record Program

The program allows you to obtain medical records written with a PC.

 Everything processed shall be printed on A4 sheets. You can download the demonstration program for free.

A fast and efficient program to prepare monthly working hours for a complex Cardiology Division in just a few minutes.

Do you need advice?

The description of cardiac activity known as the Frank-Starling Law, which has been in vogue for more than a century despite demonstrable misconduct, has prompted me to reconsider my existential choices. How can we deal with decisions where no demonstration is possible?

Try my programs


  • Write everything to the computer
    be easy to read
    avoid copying and rewriting


  • Shows how unlikely randomness is to generate intelligent and useful choices

What users say

In the early 2000s, the Milan Polytechnic carried out a study on the risks of errors in the therapeutic procedures used in some hospitals. The methods in use at the Bassini Hospital of Cinisello that used the first version of the "Clinical Folder" program were those with the lowest number of critical points at risk of error.
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